Hewlett-Packard (HP) 519331-002 - 120W 18.5V 6.50A 5mm AC Adapter Charger for Envy Pavilion AIO Touchsmart

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Hewlett-Packard (HP) 519331-002 - 120W 18.5V 6.50A 5mm AC Adapter Charger for Envy Pavilion AIO Touchsmart

Hewlett-Packard (HP) 519331-002 - 120W 18.5V 6.50A 5mm AC Adapter Charger for Envy Pavilion AIO Touchsmart

Item#: 519331-002

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Product Description
120W 18.5V 6.50A 5mm AC Adapter Charger for Envy Pavilion AIO Touchsmart

Works with power cable 213349-009

Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output: 19.5V, 6.15A, 120W
Connector: 7.5mm x 5mm
Compatible Models (not limited to)
Business Notebook nx6000
Business Notebook nx7000
Business Notebook nx8000
Business Notebook nx9000
COMPAQ 300 400
COMPAQ Mini 300
Envy 15-3001XX
Envy 15-3003TX
Envy 15-3090LA
Envy 15T-3200
Envy 17-2005TX
Envy 17-3090NR
Envy 17-3290NR
Envy 17T-3200 Notebooks
HP 215 G1 Notebook
HP 24-x030 Pavilion 23.8" i7-7700T All-in One Touch Computer
HP Compaq tc4000
HP Elitebook 8560W Mobile Workstation
HP Elitebook 8570W Mobile Workstation
HP Envy 23 Series
HP Envy 24 Series
HP Envy 27 Series
HP Envy Recline 23 Series
HP Envy Recline 27 Series
HP G30
HP G40
HP G50
HP G60
HP G61
HP G62
HP G70
HP G71
HP G72
HP Mini 210-1098EI Notebook
HP Pavilion 21 Series
HP Pavilion 22 Series Touchsmart AIO Series
HP Pavilion 22 Series
HP Pavilion 23 Touchsmart AIO Series
HP Pavilion 24 Touchscreen AIO Series
HP Pavilion 24-R014 23.8" Touch AIO Desktop
HP Pavilion 24-R025M 23.8" All-in-One PC
HP Pavilion 24-x025 23.8" TouchScreen All-in-One
HP Pavilion 24-x026 23.8" Touch AIO Desktop
HP Pavilion 27 Touchscreen AIO Series
HP Pavilion All-in-One 27-a031 Touch
Mobile Workstation 8000
Mobile Workstation nw8000
Mobile Workstation nw9000
Mobile Workstation nx8000
Pavilion dm1
Pavilion dm3
Pavilion dm4
Pavilion dv2
Pavilion dv2600
Pavilion dv2700
Pavilion dv2800
Pavilion dv2900
Pavilion dv3
Pavilion dv3000
Pavilion dv3100
Pavilion dv4
Pavilion DV4-5162LA
Pavilion DV4T-5100
Pavilion dv5
Pavilion dv6
Pavilion DV6-2000
Pavilion DV6-2126EW
Pavilion DV6-3124TX
Pavilion DV6-3125TX
Pavilion DV6-3129TX
Pavilion DV6-3132TX
Pavilion DV6-3133TX
Pavilion DV6-3141TX
Pavilion DV6-4012TX
Pavilion DV6-4087LA
Pavilion DV6-6017TX
Pavilion DV6-6047CL
Pavilion DV6-6090ES
Pavilion DV6-6140CA
Pavilion DV6-6170US
Pavilion DV6-7003XX
Pavilion DV6-7015CA
Pavilion DV6-7078CA
Pavilion DV6-7086LA
Pavilion DV6-7214NR
Pavilion DV6-7228NR
Pavilion DV6-7267CL
Pavilion DV6T-7200
Pavilion dv7
Pavilion DV7-3180ED
Pavilion DV7-4020TX
Pavilion DV7-4024TX
Pavilion DV7-4025TX
Pavilion DV7-4028TX
Pavilion DV7-4031TX
Pavilion DV7-4035TX
Pavilion DV7-4038CA
Pavilion DV7-4038TX
Pavilion DV7-4074CA
Pavilion DV7-4078CA
Pavilion DV7-4080US
Pavilion DV7-4101XX
Pavilion DV7-4113TX
Pavilion DV7-4114TX
Pavilion DV7-4115TX
Pavilion DV7-4190US
Pavilion DV7-5000EAv
Pavilion DV7-5001XX
Pavilion DV7-6001XX
Pavilion DV7-6020EV
Pavilion DV7-6070EB
Pavilion DV7-6080ED
Pavilion DV7-6178US
Pavilion DV7-6185US
Pavilion DV7-6195US
Pavilion DV7-6B01XX
Pavilion DV7-6B09TX
Pavilion DV7-6B86US
Pavilion DV7-6C00
Pavilion DV7-6C90US
Pavilion DV7-7003XX
Pavilion DV7-7047CL
Pavilion DV7-7070CA
Pavilion DV7-7212NR
Pavilion DV7-7247CL
Pavilion DV7-7259NR
Pavilion DV7-7267ER
Pavilion DV7T-6000 
Pavilion DV7T-6100
Pavilion DV7T-6B00
Pavilion DV7T-7000
Pavilion DV7T-7200
Pavilion DV8-1220EF
Pavilion DV8-1220EG
Pavilion DV8-1269EZ
Pavilion DV8-1285EZ
Pavilion DV8-1290EE
Pavilion DV8-1290EO
Pavilion DV8-1295EZ Notebooks
Pavilion dv9000
Pavilion dx6000
Pavilion g3200
Pavilion tx1000
Pavilion tx2000
Presario B1200
Presario CQ20
Presario CQ32
Presario CQ35
Presario CQ40
Presario CQ41
Presario CQ42
Presario CQ45
Presario CQ50
Presario CQ56
Presario CQ57
Presario CQ60
Presario CQ61
Presario CQ62
Presario CQ70
Presario CQ71
Presario CQ72
Presario V6000
TouchSmart tm2
TouchSmart tx2
HP Zbook 15
Envy 23 Series: Envy 23-O009 23-O014
Envy 24 Series: Envy 24-N000ND 24-N000NF 24-N000NK 24-N000NL 24-N000NO 24-N000NS 24-N000NX 24-N000NY 24-N000UR 24-N001NE 24-N001NF 24-N001NH 24-N001NK 24-N001NX 24-N001UR 24-N002LA 24-N002NH 24-N003NY 24-N005NX 24-N009 24-N009NS 24-N010XT 24-N014 24-N015NB 24-N019C 24-N020NE 24-N020QE 24-N023NP 24-N050NA 24-N050NT 24-N050NZ 24-N055NA 24-N059NA 24-N070NZ 24-N075NA 24-N079NA 24-N100NF 24-N100NJ 24-N120QE 24-N201NB 24-N210NX 24-N211NX 24-N212NX 24-N250NG 24-N250UR 24-N251NG 24-N271UR
Envy 27 Series: Envy 27-P014 27-P019
Envy Recline 23 Series: Envy Recline 23-K159 23-K209 23-K300HK 23-K301HK 23-K301LA 23-K302D 23-K308D 23-K309 23-K310 23-K310D 23-K310LA 23-K311D 23-K315D 23-K316 23-K316D 23-K319 23-K349 23-K408D 23-K410D
Envy Recline 27 Series: Envy Recline 27-K300A 27-K301D 27-K301LA 27-K302LA 27-K304D 27-K305D 27-K309 27-K315LA 27-K320LA 27-K350 27-K370C 27-K370CN 27-K400D 27-K404D 27-K405D 27-K470CN
Pavilion 21 Series: Pavilion 21-H013W 21-H029 21-H045LA 21-H050LA 21-H140T
Pavilion 22 Series: 22-A040XT 22-A140XT 22-A230LA
Pavilion 22 Touchsmart AIO Series: Pavilion 22-H001D 22-H002D 22-H005D 22-H008HK 22-H010A 22-H011A 22-H011D 22-H011KR 22-H018HK 22-H021D 22-H023D 22-H028HK 22-H030D 22-H031KR 22-H071D
Pavilion 23 Touchsmart AIO Series: Pavilion 23-G020T 23-G040XT 23-G050LA 23-G101HK 23-G110HK 23-G120CN 23-G120CX 23-G120T 23-G125D 23-G125T 23-G125X 23-G131CN 23-G131CX 23-G135X 23-G140XT 23-G151CN 23-G152CN 23-G210HK 23-G211KR 23-G220T 23-G240XT 23-G325S 23-G325T 23-G325X 23-G351KR 23-P010A 23-P010IN 23-P011A 23-P012A 23-P013A 23-P014A 23-P015A 23-P020HK 23-P020T 23-P021D 23-P022D 23-P029C 23-P030HK 23-P039 23-P050NR 23-P051D 23-P051NR 23-P052D 23-P052NR 23-P078D 23-P080D 23-P100D 23-P100ND 23-P100NG 23-P100NR 23-P101NQ 23-P101NR 23-P101NS 23-P104A 23-P105A 23-P106A 23-P107A 23-P108A 23-P109NB 23-P110D 23-P110NE 23-P110NS 23-P110NT 23-P110NV 23-P111D 23-P111NE 23-P120HK 23-P120NT 23-P120S 23-P120T 23-P130HK 23-P150NJ 23-P200D 23-P200NL 23-P201NS 23-P202NG 23-P203NT 23-P204NT 23-P205NS 23-P209NB 23-P210NV 23-P210UR 23-P211UR 23-P219NB 23-P230NJ 23-P232D 23-P233D 23-P250NJ 23-P251D 23-P252D 23-P255NA 23-Q000NA 23-Q000NE 23-Q000NV 23-Q000UR 23-Q001NE 23-Q001NF 23-Q001NT 23-Q001NX 23-Q001UR 23-Q002NF 23-Q002UR 23-Q003UR 23-Q005LA 23-Q006NF 23-Q008LA 23-Q010D 23-Q010IN 23-Q010UR 23-Q011D 23-Q011UR 23-Q012L 23-Q012NB 23-Q012NS 23-Q012UR 23-Q013L 23-Q015A 23-Q016A 23-Q017A 23-Q018A 23-Q018NS 23-Q019A 23-Q020A 23-Q020D 23-Q020KR 23-Q021D 23-Q021L 23-Q022D 23-Q023D 23-Q025D 23-Q026D 23-Q027D 23-Q028D 23-Q029D 23-Q030D 23-Q030KR 23-Q031D 23-Q032CN 23-Q032D 23-Q033IN 23-Q034D 23-Q035D 23-Q035HK 23-Q036D 23-Q037D 23-Q038D 23-Q041D 23-Q045HK 23-Q050KR 23-Q050UR 23-Q051UR 23-Q052CN 23-Q052UR 23-Q055KR 23-Q055NO 23-Q059NA 23-Q060XT 23-Q061UR 23-Q062UR 23-Q065HK 23-Q070SE 23-Q070UR 23-Q071UR 23-Q072CN 23-Q085HK 23-Q100NE 23-Q100NK 23-Q100NT 23-Q100UR 23-Q101A 23-Q101NE 23-Q101NF 23-Q101NK 23-Q101NS 23-Q101NT 23-Q101NX 23-Q101UR 23-Q102NF 23-Q102NG 23-Q102NT 23-Q102UR 23-Q103LA 23-Q103NT 23-Q103NV 23-Q103UR 23-Q104NG 23-Q104NH 23-Q105NA 23-Q105NG 23-Q105NH 23-Q105NX 23-Q107NA 23-Q109NF 23-Q109NS 23-Q110NG 23-Q110NS 23-Q111UR 23-Q112NB 23-Q112NC 23-Q112UR 23-Q113NP 23-Q115D 23-Q119 23-Q119NB 23-Q119NF 23-Q120D 23-Q120UR 23-Q121D 23-Q121UR 23-Q122D 23-Q123D 23-Q130KR 23-Q135D 23-Q135HK 23-Q136D 23-Q137D 23-Q138CN 23-Q138D 23-Q139D 23-Q140D 23-Q140UR 23-Q141 23-Q142D 23-Q143D 23-Q145LA 23-Q147C 23-Q148 23-Q150D 23-Q151D 23-Q151ND 23-Q152D 23-Q152UR 23-Q153D 23-Q155KR 23-Q155NA 23-Q155NO 23-Q159NA 23-Q160JP 23-Q160XT 23-Q161JP 23-Q165HK 23-Q169D 23-Q170SE 23-Q180JP 23-Q181JP 23-Q185HK 23-Q191JP 23-Q199NA 23-Q200NA 23-Q200NE 23-Q200NF 23-Q200NJ 23-Q200NK 23-Q200NP 23-Q200UR 23-Q201NF 23-Q201NP 23-Q201UR 23-Q202NK 23-Q202NL 23-Q202NS 23-Q202UR 23-Q203NA 23-Q203NF 23-Q203NS 23-Q203UR 23-Q204NF 23-Q204NH 23-Q205NA 23-Q205NF 23-Q205NH 23-Q206NF 23-Q206NS 23-Q207NA 23-Q207NF 23-Q208NF 23-Q208NL 23-Q209NB 23-Q209NF 23-Q210NF 23-Q210UR 23-Q211NF 23-Q211NS 23-Q211UR 23-Q212NB 23-Q212NF 23-Q213NB 23-Q213NP 23-Q214 23-Q214NZ 23-Q216NZ 23-Q220 23-Q220NZ 23-Q220UR 23-Q221NZ 23-Q222UR 23-Q227C 23-Q230LA 23-Q230NA 23-Q234NA 23-Q235NA 23-Q237C 23-Q240NZ 23-Q240UR 23-Q241UR 23-Q250NO 23-Q251 23-Q251NG 23-Q252NA 23-Q252NG 23-Q254NA 23-Q255NA 23-Q259NA 23-Q270NA 23-Q272NA 23-Q275NA
Pavilion 24 Touchscreen AIO Series: Pavilion 24-A010 24-A010T 24-A029C 24-A039 24-A132CN 24-A152CN 24-A153HK 24-A153JP 24-A171D 24-A172CN 24-A173JP 24-A205NA 24-A207NA 24-A210 24-A210T 24-A220XT 24-A223CN 24-A225CN 24-A227CN 24-A231KR 24-A250JP 24-A250KR 24-A250NA 24-A250NO 24-A251D 24-A251KR 24-A251UR 24-A252D 24-A252UR 24-A253HK 24-A253UR 24-A258IN 24-A270JP 24-A270NA 24-A271HK 24-A271KR 24-A272D 24-A272UR 24-A273D 24-A276IN 24-A277HK 24-A299NA 24-B001LA 24-B008LA 24-B009 24-B009LA 24-B010LA 24-B011 24-B012 24-B012A 24-B013A 24-B014LA 24-B016 24-B016A 24-B017C 24-B019 24-B020T 24-B021 24-B029C 24-B030 24-B030XT 24-B037C 24-B100NF 24-B100NH 24-B100NL 24-B100NP 24-B100NV 24-B100UR 24-B101LA 24-B101NH 24-B101NK 24-B101NL 24-B101NP 24-B102NH 24-B102NK 24-B103NF 24-B104LA 24-B104NF 24-B104NL 24-B104TLA 24-B105NF 24-B106NF 24-B107NF 24-B109 24-B109NB 24-B110D 24-B110NF 24-B110NS 24-B111NF 24-B114 24-B114NZ 24-B116NZ 24-B120NP 24-B120NZ 24-B121UR 24-B122NF 24-B122NP 24-B130D 24-B130KR 24-B130ND 24-B130NQ 24-B130UR 24-B131UR 24-B132UR 24-B134UR 24-B135UR 24-B140NZ 24-B150NO 24-B150UR 24-B153NG 24-B154NG 24-B155NG 24-B156NG 24-B200NF 24-B200NH 24-B200NL 24-B200NP 24-B200NQ 24-B200NS 24-B200UR 24-B201LA 24-B201NF 24-B201NH 24-B201NK 24-B201NS 24-B201UR 24-B202NE 24-B202NH 24-B202NK 24-B202NV 24-B203LA 24-B204LA 24-B204NF 24-B204NL 24-B204NP 24-B205LA 24-B206NF 24-B207NF 24-B209LA 24-B209NB 24-B210NB 24-B210NF 24-B210UR 24-B211 24-B211LA 24-B211NF 24-B212NA 24-B212NF 24-B212NO 24-B213LA 24-B214 24-B215LA 24-B217D 24-B217NL 24-B217NW 24-B220NA 24-B220NF 24-B220NP 24-B220NZ 24-B220T 24-B220UR 24-B221L 24-B221NF 24-B221UR 24-B222LA 24-B222NA 24-B222NP 24-B222UR 24-B223NF 24-B223W 24-B225LA 24-B225NA 24-B226LA 24-B227C 24-B227LA 24-B228 24-B228D 24-B229C 24-B229D 24-B229NA 24-B230 24-B230NF 24-B230UR 24-B230XT 24-B231 24-B235ND 24-B235UR 24-B236NZ 24-B236UR 24-B239 24-B240 24-B240ND 24-B240NF 24-B240NZ 24-B242UR 24-B243NA 24-B243UR 24-B247C 24-B250NA 24-B250NO 24-B252NA 24-B253NG 24-B254NG 24-B254UR 24-B255NA 24-B255UR 24-B256NG 24-B259NG 24-B259UR 24-B260NG 24-B262NG 24-B263UR 24-B266NG 24-B267C 24-B270NA 24-B271UR 24-B272NA 24-B275NA 24-B280NG 24-B327C Pavilion 27 Touchscreen AIO Series: Pavilion 27-A010 27-A010T 27-A030 27-A031 27-A103NA 27-A112 27-A130NA 27-A130ND 27-A131NA 27-A132NA 27-A135NA 27-A155NA 27-A175NA 27-A205NA 27-A207NA 27-A210 27-A211NW 27-A212NB 27-A230 27-A230NA 27-A233UR 27-A234UR 27-A235NA 27-A235UR 27-A241 27-A243NA 27-A245NA 27-A250NA 27-A251NO 27-A254UR 27-A255NA 27-A255UR 27-A256UR 27-A257C 27-A259NG 27-A260 27-A261 27-A262CY 27-A270NA 27-A271NE 27-A272DS 27-A275NA 27-A275UR 27-N000NA 27-N000ND 27-N000NF 27-N000NO 27-N000UR 27-N001LA 27-N001NF 27-N001UR 27-N002UR 27-N003LA 27-N004NF 27-N005NF 27-N010A 27-N010D 27-N010UR 27-N011A 27-N012A 27-N012UR 27-N013A 27-N013UR 27-N014A 27-N014UR 27-N020NA 27-N030NA 27-N050NA 27-N070QE 27-N080SE 27-N100ND 27-N100NF 27-N100NG 27-N100NK 27-N100NO 27-N100NP 27-N100NY 27-N100UR 27-N101LA 27-N101NF 27-N101NL 27-N101NP 27-N101UR 27-N102NL 27-N102NO 27-N102UR 27-N103LA 27-N103NA 27-N103NC 27-N104LA 27-N104NS 27-N105LA 27-N105NA 27-N105NF 27-N106NF 27-N107NF 27-N110 27-N110NV 27-N110UR 27-N111UR 27-N114NB 27-N114UR 27-N119 27-N120NA 27-N120NY 27-N121 27-N121NY 27-N126NZ 27-N130NA 27-N131 27-N140NZ 27-N141 27-N150NA 27-N150NG 27-N150NI 27-N150NT 27-N150NV 27-N150NX 27-N152 27-N170NA 27-N170QE 27-N180SE 27-N214 27-N220
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