HP 153099-001 - 3VDC 250 mAh Lithium Coin Real Time Clock RTC CMOS Battery

Item#: 153099-001 Condition: New
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HP 153099-001 - 3VDC 250 mAh Lithium Coin Real Time Clock RTC CMOS Battery

HP 153099-001 - 3VDC 250 mAh Lithium Coin Real Time Clock RTC CMOS Battery

Item#: 153099-001

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Product Description

3VDC 250 mAh Lithium Coin Real Time Clock (RTC) CMOS Battery

Works with HP Desktops, Laptops and Server motherboards.

Dimensions: 20mm x 3.1mm
Type: Lithium
For: HP Motherboards

Compatible Models (partial list, not limited to)
Business Desktop DC5100 Series
Business Desktop DC5700 Series
Business Desktop DC5850 Series
Business Desktop DC7100 Series
Business Desktop DC7600 Series
Business Desktop DC7700 Series
Business Desktop DX2000 Series
Business Desktop DX2060 Series
Business Desktop DX2100 Series
Business Desktop DX2180 Series
Business Desktop DX2200 Series
Business Desktop DX2250 Series
Business Desktop DX2290 Series
Business Desktop DX2300 Series
Business Desktop DX2390 Series
Business Desktop DX2400 Series
Business Desktop DX5150 Series
Business Desktop DX6050 Series
Business Desktop DX6100 Series
Business Desktop DX6120 Series
Business Desktop DX6128 Series
Business Desktop DX7200 Series
Business Desktop DX7208 Series
Business Desktop DX7300 Series
Business Desktop DX7400 Series
Pavilion 27-A010
Pavilion 27-N190ST
Pavilion 510 Series
Pavilion Elite HPE-400F
Pavilion Elite HPE-500Y
Pavilion Elite HPE-502C
Pavilion Elite HPE-510Y
Pavilion P6
Pavilion P6510F
Pavilion P7
Pavilion S7000
Pavilion Slimline S7310N Desktop
Pavilion Slimline S7320N Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7400N Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7410N Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7415C Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7420N Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7421C Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7500CN Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7500FR Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7500Y Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7510N Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7517C Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7520CN Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7520KR Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7520LA Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7527C Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7530N Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7540A Desktop 
Pavilion Slimline S7541KR Desktop 
ProLiant DL140 
ProLiant DL145 G2 
ProLiant DL145 
ProLiant DL360 G1, G2, G3, G4, G5
ProLiant DL365 G1 
ProLiant DL380 G3, G5, G6, G7
ProLiant DL385 G2, G5, G6, G7
Proliant DL388 
ProLiant DL560 
ProLiant DL580 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 
ProLiant DL585 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7
ProLiant DL590 
ProLiant DL760 G1 G2
Proliant DL785 G5
ProLiant ML110 G2 G3
ProLiant ML150 G2
ProLiant ML330 G1 G2
ProLiant ML350 G1 G2 G3 G4 G5
ProLiant ML370 G1 G2 G3 G4 G5
ProLiant ML570
YNRC-BR Desktop Motherboard

Compatible Models

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