HP 3X-LK465-A2 - HP 108 OVMS Opal US/UK Keyboard

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HP 3X-LK465-A2 - HP 108 OVMS Opal US/UK Keyboard

Item#: 3X-LK465-A2

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Product Description
PS/2 108-key keyboard assembly - Has 2 status LEDs, 1.8 m (6 ft) uncoiled length
Compaq AlphaServer DS10 series
Compaq AlphaServer DS20 series
Compaq AlphaServer DS20E series
Compaq AlphaServer ES40 series
Compaq AlphaServer SC40 series
Compaq AlphaServer TS20 series
Compaq AlphaServer TS40 series
Compaq AlphaServer 4000 series
Compaq AlphaServer 4100 series
Compaq AlphaServer 800 series
DIGITAL AlphaServer 1000 series
DIGITAL AlphaServer 1000A series
DIGITAL AlphaServer 1200 series
DIGITAL AlphaServer 2000/2100 series
Compaq AlphaStation ds10 series
Compaq AlphaStation ds20e series
Compaq AlphaStation 255 series
Compaq AlphaStation 300 series
Compaq AlphaStation 366 series
Compaq AlphaStation 400 series
HPE AlphaServer ES45 series
DIGITAL VAXstation 4000 series
HPE AlphaServer GS320 series
Compatible Models

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