HP 740015-002 - 45W 19.5V 2.31A 3.0mm Blue Tip AC Adapter

Item#: 740015-002 Condition: Refurbished ✔️: GENUINE HP AC Adapter! ✔️: Includes Power Cable! Max Power: 45W Connector: 3.0mm Blue Tip
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HP 740015-002 - 45W 19.5V 2.31A 3.0mm Blue Tip AC Adapter

HP 740015-002 - 45W 19.5V 2.31A 3.0mm Blue Tip AC Adapter

Item#: 740015-002

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Product Description

45W 19.5V 2.31A 3.0mm Blue Tip AC Adapter

✔️ GENUINE HP AC Adapter!
✔️ Comes with Power Cable!
✔️ Includes Warranty!

Max Power
: 100V-240V 1.4A / 50-60Hz
Output: 19.5V 2.31A, 45W
Connector: 4.5mm × 3.0mm Blue Tip
Includes Power Cable: 213349-013 or equivalent
HP Description: 45W non-PFC Smart external power adapter

Replacement 45W HP Part Numbers: 
L25296-001, L25296-002, L25296-003, L25296-004, 854054-001, 741727-001, A045R07DH, A045R045H, 758633-001, 740015-002, 719309-001

This SKU can be replaced by 65W Models: 709985-001, A065R11DL, A065R01DL, L25298-002, 753559-001, 714657-001, L23960-004, 854057-002, 714149-002

This SKU can be replaced by 90W Models: 753560-004, A090A098P, 937532-002, 937532-850, 709987-002, 854056-002, ADP-90WHB, 463553-004, 753560-001, 709986-004

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HP Pavilion 14T-v000
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HP Pavilion 14Z-v000
HP Pavilion 15-ab000
HP Pavilion 15-g100
HP Pavilion 15-n200
HP Pavilion 15-p000
HP Pavilion 15-p100
HP Pavilion 15-p200
HP Pavilion 15T-n100
HP Pavilion 15T-n200
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HP Pavilion 15T-p100
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HP Pavilion 15T-v000
HP Pavilion 15Z-n200
HP Pavilion 15Z-p000
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Pavilion 11-K063NR
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Pavilion 11-N037TU
Pavilion 11-N040CA
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Pavilion 13-A012DX
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Pavilion 13-A021NR
Pavilion 13-A041CA
Pavilion 13-A051NR
Pavilion 13-A051XX
Pavilion 13-A068CA
Pavilion 13-A081NR
Pavilion 13-A091NR
Pavilion 13-A110DX
Pavilion 13-A113CL
Pavilion 13-A120LA
Pavilion 13-A133CA
Pavilion 13-A155CL
Pavilion 13-A233CA
Pavilion 13-A317CL
Pavilion 13-B101TU
Pavilion 13-B102TU
Pavilion 13-B103TU
Pavilion 13-B104TU
Pavilion 13-B105TU
Pavilion 13-B106TU
Pavilion 13-B107TU
Pavilion 13-B108TU
Pavilion 13-B109TU
Pavilion 13-B110TU
Pavilion 13-B111TU
Pavilion 13-B112TU
Pavilion 13-B113TU
Pavilion 13-B114TU
Pavilion 13-B115TU
Pavilion 13-B116TU
Pavilion 13-B117TU
Pavilion 13-B118TU
Pavilion 13-B119TU
Pavilion 13-B120TU
Pavilion 13-B121TU
Pavilion 13-B122TU
Pavilion 13-B123TU
Pavilion 13-B124TU
Pavilion 13-B125TU
Pavilion 13-B126TU
Pavilion 13-B127TU
Pavilion 13-B128TU
Pavilion 13-B129TU
Pavilion 13-B130TU
Pavilion 13-B131TU
Pavilion 13-B132TU
Pavilion 13-B201TU
Pavilion 13-B202TU
Pavilion 13-B203TU
Pavilion 13-B204TU
Pavilion 13-B205TU
Pavilion 13-B206TU
Pavilion 13-B207TU
Pavilion 13-B208TU
Pavilion 13-B209TU
Pavilion 13-B210TU
Pavilion 13-B211TU
Pavilion 13-B212TU
Pavilion 13-B213TU
Pavilion 13-B214TU
Pavilion 13-B215TU
Pavilion 13-B216TU
Pavilion 13-B217TU
Pavilion 13-B218TU
Pavilion 13-B219TU
Pavilion 13-B220TU
Pavilion 13-B221TU
Pavilion 13-B222TU
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Pavilion 13-B224TU
Pavilion 13-B225TU
Pavilion 13-B226TU
Pavilion 13-B227TU
Pavilion 13-B228TU
Pavilion 13-B229TU
Pavilion 13-B230TU
Pavilion 13-B231TU
Pavilion 13-R010DX
Pavilion 13-R100DX
Pavilion 13-S000NT
Pavilion 13-S020CA
Pavilion 13-S020NR
Pavilion 13-S036CA
Pavilion 13-S067NR
Pavilion 13-S101LA
Pavilion 13-S120DS
Pavilion 13-S120NR
Pavilion 13-S121DS
Pavilion 13-S122DS
Pavilion 13-S123CL
Pavilion 13-S128NR
Pavilion 13-S161NR
Pavilion 13-S168NR
Pavilion 13-S192NR
Pavilion 13-S195NR
Pavilion 13-S199NR
Pavilion 13-U020CA
Pavilion 14 Series
Pavilion 14M Series
Pavilion 14T Series
Pavilion 14Z 14-AB021LA
Pavilion 14Z 14-AB066US
Pavilion 14Z 14-AB166US
Pavilion 14Z 14-CD0071TU
Pavilion 14Z 14-N218US
Pavilion 14Z Series Pavilion
Pavilion 15
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N210DX
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N211DX
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N218NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N220US
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N221NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N232NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N235NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N236NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N238NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N240CA
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N240US
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N243NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N246US
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N247NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N259NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N260US
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N262NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N264NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N267NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N268NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N269NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N270NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N271NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N272NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N277NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N278NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N279NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N280CA
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N280US
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N282NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N283NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N284NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N287NR
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N288CA
Pavilion 15 Touchsmart 15-N293CL
Pavilion 15-AB027CL
Pavilion 15-AB037CY
Pavilion 15-AB057NR
Pavilion 15-AB063CL
Pavilion 15-AB110NR
Pavilion 15-AB113LA
Pavilion 15-AB121DX
Pavilion 15-AB127CA
Pavilion 15-AB133CY
Pavilion 15-AB136CY
Pavilion 15-AB137CA
Pavilion 15-AB146CY
Pavilion 15-AB149CY
Pavilion 15-AB151CY
Pavilion 15-AB153NR
Pavilion 15-AB157NR
Pavilion 15-AB165US
Pavilion 15-AB173CL
Pavilion 15-AB181CY
Pavilion 15-AB191CY
Pavilion 15-AB192CY
Pavilion 15-AB193CY
Pavilion 15-AB194CY
Pavilion 15-AB195CY
Pavilion 15-AB196CY
Pavilion 15-AB197CY
Pavilion 15-AB198CY
Pavilion 15-AB199CY
Pavilion 15-AB201CY
Pavilion 15-AB202CY
Pavilion 15-AB203CY
Pavilion 15-AB205CY
Pavilion 15-AB206CY
Pavilion 15-AB207CY
Pavilion 15-AB217CY
Pavilion 15-AB220NR
Pavilion 15-AB223CL
Pavilion 15-AB243CL
Pavilion 15-AB252NR
Pavilion 15-AB257NR
Pavilion 15-AB262NR
Pavilion 15-AB263CA
Pavilion 15-AB267CL
Pavilion 15-AB268CA
Pavilion 15-AB273CA
Pavilion 15-AB277CA
Pavilion 15-AB293CL
Pavilion 15-AU030WM
Pavilion 15-BS013DX
Pavilion 15-BS015DX
Pavilion 15-BS115DX
Pavilion 15-CR0051OD
Pavilion 15-CR0075NR
Pavilion 15-CU0010NR
Pavilion 15-F305DX
Pavilion 15-F337NR
Pavilion 15-F337WM
Pavilion 15-F387WM
Pavilion 15-P000
Pavilion 15-P009AU
Pavilion 15-P024CY
Pavilion 15-P024NR
Pavilion 15-P029CA
Pavilion 15-P030NR
Pavilion 15-P066US
Pavilion 15-P099NR
Pavilion 15-P100DX
Pavilion 15-P114DX
Pavilion 15-P140NR
Pavilion 15-P213CL
Pavilion 15-P214DX
Pavilion 15-P390NR
Pavilion 15-P393NR
Pavilion 15T
Pavilion 15T-N200
Pavilion 15T-P200
Pavilion 15Z-AB000
Pavilion 15Z-AF000
Pavilion 15Z-AH000
Pavilion 15Z-P200
Pavilion 17-F001DX
Pavilion 17-F022DS
Pavilion 17-F024CY
Pavilion 17-F025CY
Pavilion 17-F040US
Pavilion 17-F053US
Pavilion 17-F061US
Pavilion 17-F065US
Pavilion 17-F071NR
Pavilion 17-F1114DX
Pavilion 17-F111NR
Pavilion 17-F113DX
Pavilion 17-F115DX
Pavilion 17-F123DS
Pavilion 17-F136DS
Pavilion 17-F138DS
Pavilion 17-F139DS
Pavilion 17-F210NR
Pavilion 17-F215DX
Pavilion 17-F230CA
Pavilion 17-F233CL
Pavilion 17-G015DX
Pavilion 17-G053US
Pavilion 17-G061US
Pavilion 17-G101DX
Pavilion 17-G103DX
Pavilion 17-G110NR
Pavilion 17-G113CL
Pavilion 17-G113DX
Pavilion 17-G120DS
Pavilion 17-G120NR
Pavilion 17-G121WM
Pavilion 17-G122DS
Pavilion 17-G123DS
Pavilion 17-G124DS
Pavilion 17-G127CL
Pavilion 17-G127DS
Pavilion 17-G130CA
Pavilion 17-G130CY
Pavilion 17-G130NR
Pavilion 17-G131DS
Pavilion 17-G133CY
Pavilion 17-G136NR
Pavilion 17-G140NR
Pavilion 17-G141DX
Pavilion 17-G146DS
Pavilion 17-G147DS
Pavilion 17-G148DS
Pavilion 17-G148DX
Pavilion 17-G149DS
Pavilion 17-G152CY
Pavilion 17-G153US
Pavilion 17-G161US
Pavilion 17-G167CL
Pavilion 17-G173CY
Pavilion 17-G182CY
Pavilion 17-G184CY
Pavilion 17-G192CY
Pavilion 17-G192DX
Pavilion 17-G195CY
Pavilion 17-G198CY
Pavilion 17-G199CY
Pavilion 17-G200CY
Pavilion 17-G201CY
Pavilion 17-G203CY
Pavilion 17-G204CY
Pavilion 17-G205CY
Pavilion 17-G209CY
Pavilion 17-G215CY
Pavilion 17-G216CY
Pavilion 17-G217CY
Pavilion 17T-F000
Pavilion 17T-G000
Pavilion 5-AB251NR
Pavilion M1-U001DX
Pavilion M3-U001DX
Pavilion M3-U003DX
PRO X2 612 G1 Tablet
Probook 11 G1
Probook 11 G1 EE
Probook 11 G2
Probook 430 G3
Probook 430 G4
Probook 430 G5
Probook 440 G3
Probook 440 G4
Probook 440 G5
Probook 450 G3
Probook 450 G4
Probook 450 G5
Probook 455 G3
Probook 455 G4
Probook 640 G2
Probook 640 G4
Probook 645 G2
Probook 645 G3
Probook 650 G2
Probook 650 G3
Probook 655 G2
Slatebook 14-P001XX
Slatebook 14-P010NR
Spectre 13-4001DX
Spectre 13-4001TU
Spectre 13-4002DX
Spectre 13-4002TU
Spectre 13-4003DX
Spectre 13-4004TU
Spectre 13-4005DX
Spectre 13-4005TU
Spectre 13-4006TU
Spectre 13-4007TU
Spectre 13-4008TU
Spectre 13-4011TU
Spectre 13-4012TU
Spectre 13-4013DX
Spectre 13-4014TU
Spectre 13-4016TU
Spectre 13-4017TU
Spectre 13-4018TU
Spectre 13-4019TU
Spectre 13-4100DX
Spectre 13-4101DX
Spectre 13-4102DX
Spectre 13-4103DX
Spectre 13-4105DX
Spectre 13-4108TU
Spectre 13-4110DX
Spectre 13-4116DX
Spectre 13-4120CA
Spectre 13-4125NR
Spectre 13-4128CA
Spectre 13-4150CA
Spectre 13-4158CA
Spectre 13-4183NR
Spectre 13-4193DX
Spectre 13-4195DX
Spectre 13-4195NR
Spectre 13-4196DX
Spectre 13-4196MS
Spectre 13-4197DX
Spectre 13-4XXX
Spectre 13T-4000
Spectre 15-AP012DX PRO G1
Split 13 Series
Split 13-F010DX
Split 13-G110DX
Star Wars 15-AN001LA
Star Wars 15-AN044NR
Star Wars 15-AN050CA
Star Wars 15-AN050NR
Stream 11 13 14 Series:
Stream 11 PRO 11-D000
Stream 11-D001DX
Stream 11-D010NR
Stream 11-D011WM
Stream 11-D020NR
Stream 11-D099
Stream 11-D0XX
Stream 11-P010NR
Stream 11-P015CL
Stream 11-P110NR
Stream 11-P122NR
Stream 13-C002DX
Stream 13-C010NR
Stream 13-C020NR
Stream 13-C030NR
Stream 13-C110CA
Stream 13-C110NR
Stream 13-C114NR
Stream 13-C120NR
Stream 13-C140NR
Stream 13-C193NR
Stream 14-Z010NR
Stream 14-Z040WM
Touchsmart 14M-BA013DX
Touchsmart 14M-CD0001DX
Touchsmart 14M-CD0003DX
Touchsmart 14M-CD0006DX
Touchsmart 14T-V000
Touchsmart 14T-V100
Touchsmart 14-V024CA
Touchsmart 14-V062US
Touchsmart 14-V063US
Touchsmart 14-W004LA
Touchsmart 14Z-N200

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