HP 8120-5337 - PWR-CORD OPT-903 3-COND 2.5-M-LG ROHS

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HP 8120-5337 - PWR-CORD OPT-903 3-COND 2.5-M-LG ROHS

Item#: 8120-5337

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Product Description
Power cord (Black) - 3-wire, 16 AWG, 2.5m (8.2ft) long - Has straight (F) C15 receptacle with a `U` shaped channel above the ground pin to prevent use of a lower rated power cord (For 120VAC in the United States and Canada)
HPE Secure Web Console (SWC)
HPE 1000 A System series
HPE 3000 920 Server
HPE 3000 932 Server
HPE 3000 939KS Server
HPE 3000 959KS/100 Server
HPE 3000 959KS/200 Server
HPE 3000 959KS/300 Server
HPE 3000 959KS/400 Server
HPE 3000 969KS/100 Server
HPE 3000 969KS/200 Server
HPE 3000 969KS/300 Server
HPE 3000 969KS/400 Server
HPE 9000 rp5400 (L1000) Servers
HPE 9000 rp5405 (L-class) Servers
HPE 9000 rp5430 (L1500) Servers
HPE 9000 rp5450 (L2000) Servers
HPE 9000 rp5470 (L3000) Servers
HPE 9000 K-Class Servers
HPE Surestore SANlink
HPE Integrity rx5670 Server
Compatible Models

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