HP A6144-63008 - RS-232C serial cable - 25-pin (M) to 9-pin (F) - 3.0m (9.8ft) long

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HP A6144-63008 - RS-232C serial cable - 25-pin (M) to 9-pin (F) - 3.0m (9.8ft) long

Item#: A6144-63008

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Product Description
RS-232C serial cable - 25-pin (M) to 9-pin (F) - 3.0m (9.8ft) long
HPE AdvanceStack 100BaseT Hub 12TX
HPE AdvanceStack 100BaseT Hub 12TXM
HPE AdvanceStack 100BaseT Hub 24TX
HPE AdvanceStack 100VG Hub 7E
HPE AdvanceStack 10Base-T Hub 12R
HPE AdvanceStack 10Base-T Hub 16U
HPE AdvanceStack 10Base-T Hub 24R
HPE AdvanceStack 10Base-T Hub 24T
HPE AdvanceStack 10Base-T Hub 8U
HPE EtherTwist Hub Plus
HPE EtherTwist Hub Plus 24S
HPE EtherTwist Hub Plus 48
HPE Fiber-Optic Hub Plus
HPE ThinLAN Hub Plus
HPE ProCurve 10-Base-T Hub 12M
HPE ProCurve 10-Base-T Hub 24M
HPE ProCurve 10/100 Hub 12M
HPE ProCurve 10/100 Hub 24M
HPE AdvanceStack Router 230
HPE AdvanceStack Router 240
HPE AdvanceStack Router 430
HPE AdvanceStack Router 440
HPE AdvanceStack Router 445
HPE AdvanceStack Router 470
HPE AdvanceStack Router 480
HPE AdvanceStack Router 650
Hub Management Modules
HPE 3000 989KS/100 Server
HPE 3000 989KS/200 Server
HPE 3000 989KS/400 Server
HPE Switch Management Modules
HPE ProCurve 1600m Switch
HPE ProCurve 212m Switch
HPE ProCurve 224m Switch
HPE ProCurve 2400m Switch series
HPE ProCurve 2512/2524 Switch series
HPE 2100 Switch Series
HPE 9000 Superdome Servers
HPE AdvanceStack Switch 100
HPE AdvanceStack Switch 200
HPE AdvanceStack Switch 208T
HPE AdvanceStack Switch 224T
HPE 9000 K-Class Servers
HPE ProCurve 2200 Switch series
HPE AdvanceStack Bridge MB
HPE AdvanceStack Bridge RB
HPE Remote Ethernet Bridge
HPE ProCurve 9300m Routing Switch series
HPE ProCurve 4000m and 8000m Switches
HPE AdvanceStack Switch 2000
HPE Integrity Superdome sx1000 Server
HPE Integrity Superdome sx2000 Server
HPE High Availability Disk Array
Compatible Models

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