Lenovo PA-1900-53I - 90W 20V 4.5A 5.5mm Tip AC Adapter for Lenovo Thinkpad

Item#: PA-1900-53I Condition: Refurbished ✔️: GENUINE Lenovo AC Adapter! ✔️: Grade A, Cleaned, Fully Tested! ✔️: Includes Warranty! Max Power: 90W Connector: 7.9mm x 5.5mm
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Lenovo PA-1900-53I - 90W 20V 4.5A 5.5mm Tip AC Adapter for Lenovo Thinkpad

Lenovo PA-1900-53I - 90W 20V 4.5A 5.5mm Tip AC Adapter for Lenovo Thinkpad

Item#: PA-1900-53I

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Product Description

90W 20V 4.5A 5.5mm Tip AC Adapter for Lenovo ThinkPad

✔️ GENUINE Lenovo AC Adapter!
✔️ Grade A, Cleaned, Fully Tested!
✔️ Includes Power Cable!

Brand: Lenovo
Max Power
: AC 100-240V, 2.5A-0.5A, 50/60Hz
Output: 20V, 3.25A
Connector: 7.9mm x 5.5mm with center pin
Power Cable: Includes power cable 42T008 or equivalent. 

This SKU will replace 90W Part Numbers: 40Y7666, 92P1103, 36200299, 92P1112, 45N0210, 45N0201, 92P1113,
92P1106, 92P1105, 40Y7663, 40Y7662, 92P1111, 45N0311, 92P1107, 40Y7673, 45N0068, PA-1900-53l,
42T4429, 42T4465, 42T4438, 40Y7664, 42T4431, 92P1104, 45N0207, 42T4428, 92P1109, 93P5026, 42T4439
45N0312, 42T4427, 45N0199, 45N0196, 41N5665, 40Y7671, 42T4425, ADLX90NLT3A, 42T4424, 42T4426,
42T4432, 42T4433, 42T4434, 42T4435, 36200032, 45N0301, ADLX90NDT3A, PA-1900-08I, PA-1900-17I, 
PA-1900-53I, PA-1900-54I, 36200147

This SKU will replace 65W Part Numbers40Y7706, 40Y7698, 45N0191, 40Y7697, 92P1211, 40Y7708,
40Y7704, 92P1158, 45N0119, 92P1160, 45N0186, 40Y7701, 45N0194, 40Y7696, 40Y7702, 45N0192,
92P1212, 92P1159, 42T5282, 42T4416, 45N0122, 42T5283, 42T4418, 42T4419, 92P1156, 92P1157,
40Y7705, 45N0180, 45N0184, 45N0080, 40Y7703, 45N0110, 40Y7711, 45N0120, 45N0183,45N0322,
45N0320, 36200033, 36200210, 45N0323, ADLX65NCT2A, 45N0324, 11S45N0323, 45N0319, 92P1154,
PA-1650-161, ADLX65NLT2A, 45N0314, 36200288

Compatible Models - Partial List / Not Limited To  
Lenovo 3000 Thinkpad Edge E530 Thinkpad T410s Thinkpad X200 Tablet
Lenovo B430 Notebook Thinkpad Edge E535 Thinkpad T410si Thinkpad X200s
Lenovo C100 Thinkpad Edge E545 Thinkpad T420 Thinkpad X200t
Lenovo C200 Thinkpad Edge S430 Thinkpad T420 Thinkpad X201
Lenovo N100 Thinkpad L410 Thinkpad T420i Thinkpad X201 Tablet
Lenovo N200 Thinkpad L412 Thinkpad T420s Thinkpad X201i
Lenovo V100 Thinkpad L420 Thinkpad T430 Thinkpad X201s
Lenovo V200 Thinkpad L421 Thinkpad T430I Thinkpad X201t
ThinkPad E220 Thinkpad L430 Thinkpad T430S Thinkpad X21
Thinkpad E220s Thinkpad L510 Thinkpad T430S Thinkpad X220
Thinkpad E320 Thinkpad L512 Thinkpad T430SI Thinkpad X220 Tablet
Thinkpad E325 Thinkpad L520 Thinkpad T430U Thinkpad X220i
Thinkpad E330 Thinkpad L530 Thinkpad T500 Thinkpad X220I Tablet (4294)
Thinkpad E420 Thinkpad R400 Thinkpad T510 Thinkpad X220I Tablet (4298)
Thinkpad E425 Thinkpad R500 Thinkpad T510i Thinkpad X220s
Thinkpad E430 Thinkpad R60 Thinkpad T520 Thinkpad X220t
Thinkpad E435 Thinkpad R60e Thinkpad T530 Thinkpad X230
Thinkpad E520 Thinkpad R60i Thinkpad T530 Thinkpad X300
Thinkpad Edge 14 Thinkpad R61 Thinkpad T60 Thinkpad X301
Thinkpad Edge 15 Thinkpad R61e Thinkpad T60p Thinkpad X301i
Thinkpad Edge E10 Thinkpad R61i Thinkpad T60P Thinkpad X60
Thinkpad Edge E135 Thinkpad R61p Thinkpad T60t Thinkpad X60 Tablet
Thinkpad Edge E145 Thinkpad S430 Thinkpad T61 Thinkpad X60s
Thinkpad Edge E20 Thinkpad SL300 Thinkpad T61 Thinkpad X61
Thinkpad Edge E30 Thinkpad SL400 Thinkpad T61p Thinkpad X61 Tablet
Thinkpad Edge E31 Thinkpad SL410 Thinkpad T61w Thinkpad X61LS
Thinkpad Edge E330 Thinkpad SL410K Thinkpad W500 Thinkpad X61s
Thinkpad Edge E335 Thinkpad SL500 Thinkpad W510 Thinkpad Z60
Thinkpad Edge E40 Thinkpad SL510 Thinkpad W530 Thinkpad Z60m
Thinkpad Edge E430 Thinkpad SL510K Thinkpad X100e Thinkpad Z60t
Thinkpad Edge E430C Thinkpad T400 Thinkpad X120e Thinkpad Z61
Thinkpad Edge E435 Thinkpad T400S Thinkpad X121 Thinkpad Z61e
Thinkpad Edge E445 Thinkpad T410 Thinkpad X20 Thinkpad Z61m
Thinkpad Edge E50 Thinkpad T410i Thinkpad X200 Thinkpad Z61p
      Thinkpad Z61t

Compatible Models (not limited to)
Lenovo 3000
Lenovo B430 Notebook
Lenovo C100
Lenovo C200
Lenovo N100
Lenovo N200
Lenovo V100
Lenovo V200
ThinkPad E220
Thinkpad E220s
Thinkpad E320
Thinkpad E325
Thinkpad E330
Thinkpad E420
Thinkpad E425
Thinkpad E430
Thinkpad E435
Thinkpad E520
Thinkpad Edge 14
Thinkpad Edge 15
Thinkpad Edge E10
Thinkpad Edge E135
Thinkpad Edge E145
Thinkpad Edge E20
Thinkpad Edge E30
Thinkpad Edge E31
Thinkpad Edge E330
Thinkpad Edge E335
Thinkpad Edge E40
Thinkpad Edge E430
Thinkpad Edge E430C
Thinkpad Edge E435
Thinkpad Edge E445
Thinkpad Edge E50
Thinkpad Edge E530
Thinkpad Edge E535
Thinkpad Edge E545
Thinkpad Edge S430
Thinkpad L410
Thinkpad L412
Thinkpad L420
Thinkpad L421
Thinkpad L430
Thinkpad L510
Thinkpad L512
Thinkpad L520
Thinkpad L530
Thinkpad R400
Thinkpad R500
Thinkpad R60
Thinkpad R60e
Thinkpad R60i
Thinkpad R61
Thinkpad R61e
Thinkpad R61i
Thinkpad R61p
Thinkpad S430
Thinkpad SL300
Thinkpad SL400
Thinkpad SL410
Thinkpad SL410K
Thinkpad SL500
Thinkpad SL510
Thinkpad SL510K
Thinkpad T400
Thinkpad T400S
Thinkpad T410
Thinkpad T410i
Thinkpad T410s
Thinkpad T410si
Thinkpad T420
Thinkpad T420
Thinkpad T420i
Thinkpad T420s
Thinkpad T430
Thinkpad T430I
Thinkpad T430S
Thinkpad T430S
Thinkpad T430SI
Thinkpad T430U
Thinkpad T500
Thinkpad T510
Thinkpad T510i
Thinkpad T520
Thinkpad T530
Thinkpad T530
Thinkpad T60
Thinkpad T60p
Thinkpad T60P
Thinkpad T60t
Thinkpad T61
Thinkpad T61
Thinkpad T61p
Thinkpad T61w
Thinkpad W500
Thinkpad W510
Thinkpad W530
Thinkpad X100e
Thinkpad X120e
Thinkpad X121
Thinkpad X20
Thinkpad X200
Thinkpad X200 Tablet
Thinkpad X200s
Thinkpad X200t
Thinkpad X201
Thinkpad X201 Tablet
Thinkpad X201i
Thinkpad X201s
Thinkpad X201t
Thinkpad X21
Thinkpad X220
Thinkpad X220 Tablet
Thinkpad X220i
Thinkpad X220I Tablet (4294)
Thinkpad X220I Tablet (4298)
Thinkpad X220s
Thinkpad X220t
Thinkpad X230
Thinkpad X300
Thinkpad X301
Thinkpad X301i
Thinkpad X60
Thinkpad X60 Tablet
Thinkpad X60s
Thinkpad X61
Thinkpad X61 Tablet
Thinkpad X61LS
Thinkpad X61s
Thinkpad Z60
Thinkpad Z60m
Thinkpad Z60t
Thinkpad Z61
Thinkpad Z61e
Thinkpad Z61m
Thinkpad Z61p
Thinkpad Z61t

Compatible Models

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