Western Digital WD400VE-75HDT1 - 40GB 5.4K RPM IDE PATA ATA 2.5" Laptop Hard Drive

Item#: WD400VE-75HDT1 Condition: Refurbished ✔️: Grade A, Cleaned, Fully Tested! ✔️: Includes Warranty! Capacity: 40 GB Interface: PATA / IDE / ATA Form Factor: 2.5" SFF / Laptop
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Western Digital WD400VE-75HDT1 - 40GB 5.4K RPM IDE PATA ATA 2.5" Laptop Hard Drive

Western Digital WD400VE-75HDT1 - 40GB 5.4K RPM IDE PATA ATA 2.5" Laptop Hard Drive

Item#: WD400VE-75HDT1

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Product Description

40GB 5.4K RPM IDE PATA ATA 2.5" Laptop Hard Drive

✔️ GRADE A Condition!
✔️ Fully Tested, Cleaned and Guaranteed Working!
✔️ Includes 30-Day Warranty!

Category Hard Drive
Capacity 40 GB
Spindle Speed 5400 RPM 
Interface PATA / IDE / ATA
Form Factor 2.5" Laptop / SFF
Buffer 2 MB
Drive Type Internal Hard Drive

Our Recommendation: Convert this Internal Hard Drive to a USB External Hard Drive with the below external hard drive enclosure - sold separately


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HP 2000 Notebook Lenovo Ideapad G40 Inspiron 1100 Aspire 1350 iBook G3 12-Inch 900MHZ
HP 2000CS Notebook Lenovo Ideapad G40 (14.1) Inspiron 1150 Aspire 1360 iBook G4 12-inch 2004
HP 2000CT Notebook Lenovo Ideapad G40 (15) Inspiron 2000 Aspire 1410 iBook G4 12-inch 2005
Compaq Business Notebook NC4000 Lenovo Ideapad G41 Inspiron 2100 Aspire 1450 iBook G4 14-inch Early 2004
Compaq Business Notebook NC6110 Lenovo ThinkPad 1200 Series Inspiron 2200 Aspire 1510 iBook G4 14-inch Late 2004
Compaq Business Notebook NC6120 Lenovo ThinkPad 130 Series Inspiron 2500 Aspire 1520 iBook G4 15-inch Early 2004 (M9848LL/A)
Compaq Business Notebook NC61XX Lenovo Thinkpad 1300 Series Inspiron 2600 Aspire 1600 Mac Mini
Compaq Business Notebook NC6200 Lenovo ThinkPad 1400 Series Inspiron 2650 Aspire 1606 Mac Mini (Late 2005)
Compaq Business Notebook NC6230 Lenovo ThinkPad 1500 Series Inspiron 3000 Aspire 1620 PowerBook G4
Compaq Business Notebook NC6230 FF Lenovo ThinkPad 1700 Series Inspiron 300m Aspire 1640 PowerBook G4 (12-inch)
Compaq Business Notebook NC62XX Lenovo ThinkPad 240 (2609) Inspiron 3200 Aspire 1650 PowerBook G4 (15-inch)
Compaq Business Notebook NC6320 Lenovo Thinkpad 240X (2609) Inspiron 3500 Aspire 1660 PowerBook G4 (17-inch)
Compaq Business Notebook NC8000 Lenovo Thinkpad 240Z (2609) Inspiron 3700 Aspire 1670  
Compaq Business Notebook NC8200 Lenovo Thinkpad 380 Series Inspiron 3800 Aspire 1680  
Compaq Business Notebook NC8230 Lenovo ThinkPad 390 Series Inspiron 4000 Aspire 1690  
Compaq Business Notebook NX4300 Lenovo ThinkPad 560 Series Inspiron 4100 Aspire 1690D2  
Compaq Business Notebook NX6100 Lenovo Thinkpad 570 Series Inspiron 4150 Aspire 1800  
Compaq Business Notebook NX6110 DF Lenovo Thinkpad 600 Series Inspiron 5000 Aspire 2000  
Compaq Business Notebook NX6115 Lenovo ThinkPad 770 Series Inspiron 5000e Aspire 2010  
Compaq Business Notebook NX6120 FF Lenovo Thinkpad A20 Series Inspiron 500m Aspire 3000  
Compaq Business Notebook NX6125 Lenovo Thinkpad A21 Series Inspiron 5100 Aspire 3020  
Compaq Business Notebook NX8220 Lenovo Thinkpad A22 Series Inspiron 5150 Aspire 3100  
Compaq Business Notebook NX9500 Lenovo Thinkpad A30 Series Inspiron 6000 Aspire 3500  
Compaq Evo Business Notebook N1000 Series Lenovo Thinkpad A31 Series Inspiron 600m Aspire 3600  
Compaq Evo Business Notebook N100 Series Lenovo ThinkPad R30 Series Inspiron 630m Aspire 3610  
Compaq Evo Business Notebook N200 Series Lenovo ThinkPad R31 Series Inspiron 7000 Aspire 3620  
Compaq Evo Business Notebook N400 Series Lenovo ThinkPad R32 Series Inspiron 7500 Aspire 3630  
Compaq Evo Business Notebook N600C Series Lenovo ThinkPad R40 Series Inspiron 8000 Aspire 3640  
Compaq Evo Business Notebook N800 Series Lenovo ThinkPad R50 Series Inspiron 8100 Aspire 3650  
Compaq Evo Business Notebook NW8000 Series Lenovo ThinkPad R51 Series Inspiron 8200 Aspire 3660  
Compaq Evo n1050v Notebook PC Lenovo ThinkPad R52 Series Inspiron 8500 Aspire 5000  
Compaq Presario 1100 Notebook PC series Lenovo ThinkPad T20 Series Inspiron 8600 Aspire 5020  
Compaq Presario 1500 Notebook Series Lenovo ThinkPad T23 Series Inspiron 9100 Aspire 5100  
Compaq Presario 2100 Notebook Series Lenovo ThinkPad T30 Series Inspiron 9300 Aspire 5500Z  
Compaq Presario 2200 Notebook PC series Lenovo ThinkPad T40 Series Inspiron B120 Aspire 5550  
Compaq Presario 2500 Notebook PC series Lenovo ThinkPad T42P Series Latitude 110L Texas Instruments Extensa 2000  
Compaq Presario 2800 Series Lenovo ThinkPad X20 Series Latitude C400 Texas Instruments Extensa 2300  
Compaq Presario 700 Series Lenovo ThinkPad X21 Series Latitude C500 Texas Instruments Extensa 2350  
Compaq Presario 900 Series Lenovo ThinkPad X22 Series Latitude C510 Texas Instruments Extensa 2500  
Compaq Presario B1800  Series Lenovo ThinkPad X23 Series Latitude C540 Texas Instruments Extensa 2600  
Compaq Presario M2000 Series Lenovo ThinkPad X24 Series Latitude C600 Texas Instruments Extensa 2700  
Compaq Presario R4000 Series Lenovo ThinkPad X30 Series Latitude C610 Texas Instruments Extensa 2900  
Compaq Presario V1000 Series Lenovo ThinkPad X31 Series Latitude C640 Texas Instruments Extensa 2950  
Compaq Presario V1100 Series Lenovo ThinkPad X40 Series Latitude C800 Texas Instruments Extensa 3000  
Compaq Presario V2200 Series   Latitude C805 Texas Instruments Extensa 3100  
Compaq Presario V2300 Series   Latitude C810 Texas Instruments Extensa 4100  
Compaq Presario V2400 Series   Latitude C840 Texas Instruments Extensa 5010  
Compaq Presario V2000 Series   Latitude CP Texas Instruments Extensa 6600  
Compaq Presario V4000 Series   Latitude CPI 366 TravelMate 2000  
Compaq Presario V5000 Series   Latitude CPT TravelMate 2100  
HP Compaq nc6000 Series   Latitude CPT C TravelMate 2200  
HP Compaq nx5000 Series   Latitude CPX TravelMate 2300  
HP Compaq nx6110 Series   Latitude CPX 650GT TravelMate 2310  
HP Compaq nx9000 Series   Latitude CS TravelMate 2350  
HP Pavilion dv5000 Series   Latitude CS R TravelMate 240  
HP Pavilion xt100 Series   Latitude CSX H TravelMate 2400  
HP Pavilion xt200 Notebook PC series   Latitude D400 TravelMate 2410  
HP Pavilion xt4300 Notebook PC series   Latitude D410 TravelMate 2420  
HP Pavilion xt500 Notebook PC series   Latitude D410U TravelMate 2430  
HP Pavilion xt5300 Notebook PC series   Latitude D500 TravelMate 2440  
HP Pavilion zd7000 Notebook PC series   Latitude D505 TravelMate 2450  
HP Pavilion zd7100 Notebook PC series   Latitude D510 TravelMate 2460  
HP Pavilion zd7200 Notebook PC series   Latitude D510U TravelMate 250  
HP Pavilion ze4200 Notebook PC series   Latitude D600 TravelMate 2500  
HP Pavilion ze4300 Notebook PC series   Latitude D610 TravelMate 2600  
HP Pavilion ze4400 Notebook PC series   Latitude D610U TravelMate 2700  
HP Pavilion ze4500 Notebook PC series   Latitude D800 TravelMate 290  
HP Pavilion ze4600 Notebook PC series   Latitude D810U TravelMate 290D  
HP Pavilion ze4700 Notebook PC series   Latitude L400 TravelMate 290E  
HP Pavilion ze4800 Notebook PC series   Latitude LM TravelMate 3000  
HP Pavilion ze4900 Notebook PC series   Latitude LMP TravelMate 3200  
HP Pavilion ze5200 Notebook PC series   Latitude LS TravelMate 3210  
HP Pavilion ze5300 Notebook PC series   Latitude LS 400 TravelMate 3210Z  
HP Pavilion ze5400 Notebook PC series   Latitude LT TravelMate 3220  
HP Pavilion ze5500 Notebook PC series   Latitude LX TravelMate 3300  
HP Pavilion ze5600 Notebook PC series   Latitude LXP TravelMate 370  
HP Pavilion ze5700 Notebook PC series   Latitude LXP 4100D TravelMate 380  
HP Pavilion zv6000 Notebook PC series   Latitude LXP 4100T TravelMate 4000  
HP Pavilion zv6100 Notebook PC series   Latitude X1U TravelMate 4010  
OmniBook 2100 Notebook   Latitude X200 TravelMate 4020  
OmniBook 300 Notebook   Latitude X300 TravelMate 4020D2  
OmniBook 3000CTX Notebook   Latitude XP TravelMate 4050  
OmniBook 3100 Notebook   Latitude XP 4 TravelMate 4060  
OmniBook 4000C Notebook   Latitude XPI TravelMate 4070  
OmniBook 4000CT Notebook   Latitude XPI CD TravelMate 4080  
OmniBook 4100 Notebook   OptiPlex SX260 TravelMate 4100  
OmniBook 4110 Notebook   OptiPlex SX270 TravelMate 4150  
OmniBook 4150 Notebook   OptiPlex SX270N TravelMate 4400  
OmniBook 425 Notebook   Precision WorkStation M20 TravelMate 4500  
OmniBook 430 Notebook   Precision WorkStation M50 TravelMate 4600  
OmniBook 500 Notebook   XPS M140 TravelMate 4650  
OmniBook 5000C Notebook     TravelMate 530  
OmniBook 5000CT Notebook     TravelMate 540  
OmniBook 5000CTS Notebook     TravelMate 6000  
OmniBook 500B Notebook     TravelMate 660  
OmniBook 510 Notebook     TravelMate 800  
OmniBook 530 Notebook     TravelMate C110  
OmniBook 5500CS Notebook     TravelMate C200  
OmniBook 5500CT Notebook     TravelMate C310  
OmniBook 5700 Notebook        
OmniBook 5700CT Notebook        
OmniBook 5700CTX Notebook        
OmniBook 6000 Notebook        
OmniBook 6000B Notebook        
OmniBook 6000C Notebook        
Omnibook 600C Notebook        
OmniBook 600CT Notebook        
OmniBook 6100 Notebook        
OmniBook 7000 Notebook        
OmniBook 7100 Notebook        
OmniBook 7103T Notebook        
OmniBook 7150 Notebook        
OmniBook 800CS Notebook        
OmniBook 800CT Notebook        
OmniBook 900 Notebook        
OmniBook 900B Notebook        
OmniBook Sojourn Notebook        
OmniBook VT6200 Notebook        
OmniBook XE Notebook        
OmniBook XE2 Notebook        
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OmniBook xe4400 Notebook        
OmniBook xe4500 Notebook        
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OmniBook XT6200 Notebook        
Pavilion DV4000 Notebook        
Pavilion DV5000 Notebook        
Pavilion DV5100 Notebook        
Pavilion N5000 Series        
Pavilion N6000 Series        
Pavilion XF145 Notebook        
Pavilion XH200 Series        
Pavilion XH300 Series        
Pavilion XH400 Notebook        
Pavilion XH485 Notebook        
Pavilion XH500 Notebook        
Pavilion XH675 Notebook        
Pavilion XT100 Notebook        
Pavilion XT1000 Notebook        
Pavilion XT1500 Notebook        
Pavilion XT155 Notebook        
Pavilion XT178 Notebook        
Pavilion XT183 Notebook        
Pavilion XT300 Series        
Pavilion XT500 Series        
Pavilion XU Notebook        
Pavilion XU155 Notebook        
Pavilion xz168 Notebook        
Pavilion xz295 Notebook        
Pavilion xz355 Notebook        
Pavilion ZD7000 Series        
Pavilion ZE1110 Notebook        
Pavilion ZE1115 Notebook        
Pavilion ZE1250 Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2000 Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2000Z Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2100 Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2108WM Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2113US Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2114US Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2115US Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2117US Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2200 Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2200Z Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2201AP Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2202AP Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2203AP Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2204EA Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2205EA Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2206EA Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2221EA Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2225EA Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2296XX Notebook        
Pavilion ZE2300 Series        
Pavilion ZE2400 Series        
Pavilion ZE2500 Series        
Pavilion ZE4000 Series        
Pavilion ZE5000 Series        
Pavilion ZE5100 Series        
Pavilion ZE5258 Notebook        
Pavilion ZE5375 Notebook        
Pavilion ZE5457LA Notebook        
Pavilion ZE5600 Notebook        
Pavilion ZE5730US Notebook        
Pavilion ZT1000 Notebook        
Pavilion ZT1100 Notebook        
Pavilion zu1155 Notebook        
Pavilion zu175 Notebook        
Pavilion ZV6100 Notebook        
Pavilion ZV6200 Notebook        
Professional WorkStation XW8200        
Vectra XE3 Minitower        
Vectra XE3B Minitower        
Vectra XE3C Minitower        
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