HP 8120-5336 - PWR-CORD OPT-902 3-COND 2.5-M-LG ROHS

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HP 8120-5336 - PWR-CORD OPT-902 3-COND 2.5-M-LG ROHS

Item#: 8120-5336

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Product Description
Power cord (Black) - 3-wire, 17 AWG, 2.5m (8.2ft) long - Has straight (F) C15 receptacle with a `U` shaped channel above the ground pin to prevent use of a lower rated power cord (For 220VAC in Europe)
HPE Secure Web Console (SWC)
HPE 3000 920 Server
HPE 3000 932 Server
HPE 3000 939KS Server
HPE 3000 959KS/100 Server
HPE 3000 959KS/200 Server
HPE 3000 959KS/300 Server
HPE 3000 959KS/400 Server
HPE 3000 969KS/100 Server
HPE 3000 969KS/200 Server
HPE 3000 969KS/300 Server
HPE 3000 969KS/400 Server
Aruba 2530 Switch Series
Aruba 2620 Switch Series
HPE 2910 al Switch Series
HPE 3500 and 3500 yl Switch Series
Aruba 3800 Switch Series
Aruba 3810M Switch Series
HPE FlexNetwork 5130 HI Switch Series
HPE 5500 HI Switch Series
HPE FlexNetwork 5510 HI Switch Series
HPE 6200 yl Switch Series
HPE 9000 K-Class Servers
HPE OfficeConnect 1820 Switch Series
HPE ProCurve 9300m Routing Switch series
Aruba 5400 zl Switch Series
HPE 8200 zl Switch Series
HPE Surestore SANlink
HPE Integrity rx5670 Server
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